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< HockeyQUAD: Hockey's Coach Board >

HockeyQUAD for iPad is a tactical board designed to be used worldwide to help hockey coaches to create their game strategy in real time.

HockeyQUAD Splash Screen

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If you are a sports coach for multiple disciplines and already own SoccerQUAD, it will be really easy to use HockeyQUAD.

In this version you will be able to add individual or multiple players at the same time.

HockeyQUAD home screen with a strategy in place

As usual you would be able to draw, add training cones and add a basic formation. When the icon is faded-out, you can tap again to remove all the players at once.

Also mail, save and integration with your twitter account are available, making it easy to share the play that you designed with other coaches or players.

< AirportBoard: Digital Message Board >

AirportBoard is an iOS app designed to help you to get the attention of passengers you’re picking up from the airport, bus station, train station or hotel, etc. It can also be used to deliver messages in front of a group of people.

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For example, if you are picking up your relatives or friends at the airport and you use AirportBoard on your iPad to let them know that you are there.

Message displayed wiht AirportBoard

Easy-to-use visual instructions illustrate how to create a message, change the color theme and add an image from your photo stream or library.

AirportBoard Settings

< SoccerQUAD: Soccer's Coach Play Board >


A tactical coach board designed for iOS, and exclusive for the iPad to be used worldwide to help soccer coaches to create their game strategy in real time. Install it today in your iPad and start coaching soccer like a champion.

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