#AppTesting Services

Quality app/game/hardware testing

Application and game development is changing the way we do things, but the user expects the app or the game to perform as not precisely as design but as the user is expecting the app or game to behave; the features, actions, buttons, outcomes, the way is designed for human minds.

At TAPQUAD we take the quality testing to the next level, regardless of platform. in the shortest period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process? App testing request > you add our testing account to your app development environment > we test the app = you get a detailed report of any issues with each element that we have identified during the go-through validation.

What do we test?
We open the app and perform a user interface scan to determine immediate action required.

Visual elements: Understanding the visual elements and their function.

App actions: Perform the tasks and determine the duration of required to execute the task(s).

Performance report: Evaluate resources required to ensure the user experience is not compromised.

After the test, what do you get? A report highlighting identifying issues, how to reproduce them and why these are obstacles to the ideal user experience.

The end result will help you optimize and make the user an advocate of your app or game.

Why should I do this test?
If you care about the success of your app or game, you should pay attention to what to launch before you launch it. Many developers concentrate on their core business and objectives after defining specific goals. Those goals are high-level and do not focus on the user.

This test will reduce your time to market, improve your development cycle and make your team concentrate in issue areas, making the process out of vicious loops and augmenting as a consequence the quality of your apps/games.

Cost and Time:
For apps:
Estimated Time: From 1 to 7 business days
Starting at: $1500
Outcome: Report with screen captures and video
For games:
Estimated Time: 1-3 weeks
Starting at: $1500 - $4000
Outcome: Report with screen captures and video

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